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​PooPrints West now in California 

May 14, 2013 By Rob Hayes, KABC-Los Angeles

Dogs and humans have shared cherished relationships throughout history. But what our four-legged companions leave behind is not so cherished.

"Forty percent of dog owners don't pick up their waste," said business owner Kevin Sharpton.

​PooPrints on Anderson Cooper Live

May 2, 2013- Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper covers PooPrints DNA Dog Waste Program and how one of our luproperties in Florida has utilized the program to help stop irresponsible owners leaving their Dog's Waste on the property and how we can find them with the DNA. (Scroll to 12:30 mark to view our coverage)

Condo Complex Requires Dog DNA To Find Careless Owners
August 18, 2012 By Anonymous, CBS Miami

A South Florida property management group is taking action to clean up its pet poop problem.  At Hollywood Station Condominium on Hollywood Blvd. and Dixie Hwy, residents will soon have to subject their dogs to DNA tests so their association can track down who’s not picking up after their pets.

“I’m a little disappointed that people do not take care of their own pets,” said resident Bill Rochelle. “I think it’s your responsibility if you have a dog to take care of him and pick up after him.”...

DNA tests provide the poop on bad dog owners
June 27, 2011 By Nina Golgowski, CNN

A New Hampshire apartment complex is mandating that residents submit pet DNA samples.

Why? To check if any of them are abandoning their dogs' waste on the property.  "Ninety-eight percent do what they're suppose to do," property manager Debbie Violette said of her residents with dogs, "but there are some that don't and you don't know who that is. That'd be pretty foolish if they did that right in front of me."...

Unscooped Dog Poop Crimes
Tuesday June 19, 2012​- The Colbert Report

PooPrints uses forensic DNA testing to help communities take fecal matters into their own hands.

Dog poop DNA test
Tuesday June 20, 2012- Fox News

PooPrints used to find which owners don't curb their pooch.

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