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The Process

By implementing the DNA Dog Waste Management Program you are taking the first step to providing a cleaner and greener living area for your residents.  Responsible dog owners will now be vindicated!

Step #1- Collect DNA from the Dog


Property management or Property Owners will first need to order the DNA Collection Kits for every dog on the property.  

Schedule a Pet Days Event to collect the DNA via a noninvasive cheek swab of the dog and enroll them into the DNA World Pet Registry.  Property management receive free online administrative tools to access this registry, which is an online database containing every dog owner's profile within your community.

We provide management with pet policy amendment examples and notification letters for the PooPrints™ program.

Step #2- Collect Waste Sample for DNA Analysis


Collecting a sample from the ground to the lab is quick, clean and easy.

Property Management will use the PooPrints Waste Collection Kit to gather a small portion of the found waste and then send it to the lab for analysis.

PooPrints West will provide training to your property staff or a pet committee designee to ensure the best methods are used for our products. 

Step #3- Lab Analysis of Waste Sample


A unique genetic profile can be extracted from the DNA in the waste through PooPrints™ proprietary methods.  The turnaround time is 7-10 business days to match the DNA in the waste to the DNA from the dog. 
Management can then use the
DNA World Pet Registry to identify the enrolled dog and discern the next course of action with the dog owner.

Pet policies can now be enforceable and every tenant will do their part to maintain a clean and green neighborhood!

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