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Benefits for Properties

You will immediately begin to notice cleaner grounds upon PooPrints™ implementation! 

  • Pet Amenities with our partnerships - Chewy, and Orivet.  More coming soon! 

  • NO contract nor monthly recurring fees!


  • Increase Resident Retention Rates and reduce maintenance costs associated with dog waste.

  • PooPrints™ program is easy to implement and maintain.


  • DNA Dog Tag in each kit - reduce unregistered dogs by visually confirming registration. 

  • FREE online database, the, containing all DNA registered dog owners.


  • We provide sample program notification letters and support materials for marketing purposes

Benefits for Residents

Besides having a clean home, Residents receive benefits upon PooPrints™ registration;


  • $90 FREE Resident Benefits - $50 + $15 Chewy + $25 Orivet Lifeplan


  • One DNA swab collection for the life of the animal


  • Resident's profile can be transfered if they move to anohter PooPrints Property


  • Free resident account on the DNA World Pet Registry to access their benefits and pet profiles.


  • Free Lost-and-Found service, with lifetime Proof of Identity based on their dog’s DNA profile.


  • Dog oner will feel vindicated because the general blame has been removed and the irresponsible owner is now identified! 

Dog Population

There's an estimated 1,499,058 dogs in Los Angeles County...

What is DNA

DNA stands for DeoxyriboNucleic Acid, which is the chemical 'stuff' it is made of...

Our Best Friend

Man's best friend has provided protection, companionship and hunting assistance since...

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