​​​Being Green with our Friends!


PooPrints™ identifies the irresponsible dog owner who neglected to pick up their dog's waste by ...

Matching the DNA in the waste to the DNA of the dog! 

Dog Waste is the #1 Food Source for Rats, Pests and Rodents! 

Over 4500 Properties

  • We ship you the product ahead of payment!

  • Postage provided on shipping to the lab… It’s Super Easy!

  • Green ID Dog Tag - Uniquely numbered in each DNA Kit.

  • We own and operate an ISO Certified Lab, that's a big deal!

  • Reduce unclaimed dog waste by holding the dog owner accountable

  • Identify unregistered dogs on your property 

  • Increase Resident Retention Rates with a clean property 

  • Minimize bacteria contamination and Zoonotic Disease

  • Become environmentally aware about water quality and Urban Runoff

NO Contracts  •  NO Monthly Fees

​Our Products
DNA kits and other pet waste management supplies.

​The Green Initiative
Read all the important facts about pet waste and our environment.

Keep Us Healthy
See the list of pathogens contained in Dog Waste that affects our Health.

Lab Analysis
PooPrints™ invented by BioPet Vet Lab determines the dog's DNA.

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